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Axel Westerwick
Axel Westerwick
Assistant Professor - Clinical
(614) 247-2558
School of Communication
The Ohio State University
3045B Derby Hall
154 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210


M.A., University of Hannover, Germany
Ph.D., RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Quick Introduction:

My current research focuses on communication technology in organizational settings and on online information credibility. My studies investigate how users actually use communication technologies for information sharing within organizational settings and on the Internet—especially the motivation to use new technologies for information sharing and the effort users take to assess the quality/credibility of the provided information.

Another focus is intercultural communication, which is one of the most challenging aspects of global organizations. Under which circumstances can organizations benefit from multicultural settings and how can challenges of intercultural collaboration be addressed?

I very much enjoy working with OSU students especially in this field because the university provides an international and multicultural environment, which most students will face in their future jobs as well.

Professional Career:

My work at the School of Communication is based on my previous work in the fields of human-computer interaction and knowledge management at the University of Aachen and my tenure at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for about 7 years, most recently as Manager of Learning and Development. These experiences build the interdisciplinary foundation of my research and my teaching.


At the School of Communication, I am teaching Introduction to Communication Technology (Comm2540), Communication Networks (Comm4557),  Introduction to Organizational Communication (Comm3325), Social Implications of Communication Technology (Comm3554), Communication Technology in Organizational Settings (Comm4556), Intercultural Communication (Comm3668), Communication and Conflict Management (Comm3330), Communication and Decision Making (Comm3331), and Advanced Study in Communication Technology (Comm850, graduate level).